Garifuna Food

One of the richest features of the Garifuna culture is the delicious food. It strikes a brilliant balance between African and Indigenous American heritage. Many people travel all the way to southern Belize just to get a taste of this food’s natural flavor, which comes as a result of the many organic ingredients used in its preparation. Speaking of ingredients, foods such as coconut, plantain, banana, garlic and cassava make up the basis of the Garifuna diet. These fruits and vegetables are used to prepare many of the staple Garifuna’s dishes.

One famous Garifuna dish is Serre, which is a soup that uses coconut milk as the base and a multitude of other vegetables such as carrots and okra, along with whole fish to add rich flavor. It is known for its spiciness, which is usually not provided by soups. Hudut is one of the more straightforward dishes. It is simply mashed plantain with the same coconut mil that is used in Sere and fish  as well, nonetheless it is beloved by many who enjoy consuming it with cassava bread.